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8 x Karma Clearing™ Sessions

Using the Karma Clearing Process™ we'll identify and dismantle your primary karmic pattern so that you can meet all aspects of life with inner-calm, clarity and courage and create the future you were born to live. Each session is 75 minutes. As soon as you enroll, you'll be given the link to book your first session!

Karma Clearing Foundations™

This self-guided study program is designed specifically to help you integrate your 1:1 sessions and super-charge your results. Each week you'll be given access to a 15-20 minute lesson on key Yogic principles and teachings that will deepen your understanding of how to clear your karmic patterns.

Guided Meditations Library

You'll also have access to a growing library of guided meditations designed specifically to help you clear your karma. At the end of each 1:1 session, Lisa will recommend which meditation (or meditations) you should practice for that week, so you'll never have to guess which meditation is right for you. 

"Lisa has an extraordinary passion and gift for helping others awaken to their highest potential. Her Karma Clearing Process™ has helped me begin healing the life long patterns that have been keeping me from stepping fully into my power. I thought I had worked through so many of these issues already, but it wasn't until I worked with Lisa that I finally began to understand how these patterns need to be addressed on multiple levels including mental, emotional and spiritual. I finally feel more connected to source and truth and my soul. "

Kim Carpenter

"If you have not worked with Lisa yet to do a Karma Clearing Process™ journey or individual coaching, I HIGHLY recommend that you give yourself that gift! I have been a coach for over 30 years and have taught 100's of trainers and coaches... so frankly it's hard to find people with the skills, intuition, and depth of expertise I want to coach me. Lisa is insightful, highly skilled, responsive, and grounded. Her Karma Clearing work goes beyond the level of changing beliefs into the realm of knowing. "Knowing" is an embodied experience of your truth. I wanted to 'GET in my bones' my value and in a recent session really gained a knowing that went beyond any of the extensive personal development work I have done over the past 4 decades. Her mastery is not obvious behind the humble and gentle demeanor, but it's a gift that is truly transformational."

Jannette Anderson

"Lisa's Karma Clearing Process™ is extremely powerful. I have spent much of my adult life trying to work through some deep patterns that always seem to show up in both my personal and professional life. After the first session with Lisa I already felt a profound shift in the way I was showing up for myself and for others in my life. I highly recommend working with Lisa. Her ability to guide with deep compassion and genuine caring is exactly what every person needs on their journey to awakening."

Mark Porteous

Lisa Witter

Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, CHT

For over 20 years Lisa been helping her clients to live stress-free, energy-filled lives so that they feel UNSTOPPABLE, functioning on all cylinders… not sitting in the shadows or on the sidelines of life, but playing full out.

Her work draws from timeless and proven practices based in Yoga Tradition, Applied Buddhist Psychology, Energy Psychology and Somatic Healing.  She has worked side by side with some of today's leading thinkers and visionaries in conscious evolution including the late Barbara Marx Hubbard. She has also had the privilege of serving as the Communications Director for the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and as the Executive Vice President for the Center for Integral Wisdom where she sat on the Board of Directors with Ken Wilbur, John Gray and Sally Kempton.


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"Working with Lisa over this past year has been absolutely transformative. The culmination of all the tools she's developed and her Karma Clearing Process™ has really made a huge impact, not only on my personal life but also how I show up as a teacher and leader in my own offerings. I can truly say her integrity is impeccable. Lisa delivers a clear and precise understanding of even the most complex aspects of healing that make palatable, all within a profoundly compassionate lens. If you are ready to clear old karmic patterns that keep you stuck in any area of your life, I highly recommend Lisa as your guide." -- Alyssa DeCaro

"I started working with Lisa after hearing her speaking engagement at a national meeting.  It was like she was speaking directly to me and understood the chaos that my professional life and personal life was experiencing.  I had been struggling and was overwhelmed and she was able to help me better understand these struggles.  

Since working with Lisa, she’s offered me real life solutions. I have had several breakthroughs.  I now have the tools to better manage the chaos of personal and professional life.  I also have the tools to eliminate some of the chaos altogether.  I now am setting myself up for success and able to enjoy this.  I'm getting what I want and have peace in doing so.

Lisa's coaching style is really the thing that sets her apart. She is very intuitive and guides one on processes of one's own interpretation.  This is more of a journey than meetings.  Her approach is very holistic so nothing gets missed.  It is very personalized and makes it easy to make great strides.

I would absolutely recommend Lisa to anyone looking to transform their life.  I can finally breathe easy again and have better control of my life.  I am now designing my successes and happiness instead of wishing for them." --Dr. Lisa Hunsicker

When I started working with Lisa I had just been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis - a disease that causes severe muscle weakness.  As a competitive athlete for many years this was a devastating and life altering moment in my life. Triathlon was my identity and life. It was abruptly taken from me.   I found Lisa by Divine Intervention.  I read her book Breathe Run Breathe as a way to look for answers to my running rehab. Her words in this book struck a cord deep in my heart and I sent her an email looking for suggestions. She followed up with me and I hired her immediately as a coach.  I wasn’t sure where I was headed but I felt a deep conviction that she could help me.  This was the turning point where my true life began.  

Lisa has guided me on this self discovery journey.  I truly feel a rebirth in my life.  I have discovered a new purpose and passion for life. I am discovering that life is happening for me and not to me.  If you asked me if this were possible prior to my diagnosis I would have bet my life against it.  I use to wonder what I would do if my passion were ever taken from me.  I can say today that it was a gift.  This transformation would never have happened without the guidance of Lisa.  I am truly grateful for her presence in my life.  Myasthenia Gravis is no longer dictating my life.  Also, I had been on antidepressants for over 20 years.  After working with Lisa I am no longer taking antidepressants.  This to me is remarkable.  

Lisa’s coaching style is warm and accepting, but she also motivates and encourages you to reach your potential.  She is equally committed to your personal and spiritual development.  Her vast experience in coaching and working with people is quite evident.  I admire her immensely.  I would recommend her as a coach without hesitation.  If you are willing to accept the challenge of personal and spiritual growth, and an opportunity to transform your life then Lisa is your answer." -- Carolyn Davis


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