Discover The 3-Keys To Clearing Karmic Patterns in relationships so that you can:

Heal The Past 

The past reveals everything we need to know about our karmic patterns. If you don't already experience fulfillment and harmony in your most significant relationships, it's because deeper healing still needs to take place. 

So you'll join Lisa Witter every day for 5 days to heal the past and clear the karmic patterns that stand between you and the relationships you desire and deserve.

Reclaim Your Power

Unhealthy karmic patterns persist when we're in a state of power-loss, and trauma is the most common cause of power-loss. 

You'll discover one thing you can do immediately to transform trauma and reclaim your power so that you show up in all your relationships with clarity, confidence and courage.

Experience Greater Fulfillment and Harmony

The 5-Day Karma Clearing Project is designed to show you the path to new possibilities that lead to deeper fulfillment and harmony and experiencing relationships as the ultimate path to awakening. But this is where you start. Not where you finish. 

If you commit to SHOWING UP and TAKING ACTION, you'll gain everything you need to reshape the destiny of your relationships!

 During The 5-Day Karma Clearing Project You Will: 

  • Discover the 3-Keys to clearing karmic patterns in relationships so that you can heal the past, reclaim your power, and experience greater fulfillment and harmony.
  • Learn how the cosmic Law of Karma works and how it influences every relationship in your life.
  • Gain insight into the important connection between karmic patterns and trauma so that you can begin to break unhealthy cycles and live a freer, fuller life.
  • Discover the meaning and purpose of your most significant relationships so that you can experience greater fulfillment and harmony.
  • Uncover your default karmic patterns in relating to others and break unhealthy cycles in your relationships.
  • Learn how to know when you’ve worked through a karmic pattern so that you know when a relationship is over or when there’s more work to do.
  • Identify those relationships in your life where there is power-loss so that you can reclaim your power, get out of toxic relationships and show up (in all your relationships) with clarity, confidence and courage. 
  • Determine if you’re experiencing karmic residues from the past in this lifetime or in another life so that you can clear karmic patterns once and for all.
  • Discover the role your birth family plays in helping you identify and work through your karmic patterns.
  • And much more...
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Jannette Anderson

If you have not worked with Lisa yet to do a Karma Clearing journey or individual coaching, I HIGHLY recommend that you give yourself that gift! I have been a coach for over 30 years and have taught 100's of trainers and coaches... so frankly it's hard to find people with the skills, intuition, and depth of expertise I want to coach me.

Lisa is insightful, highly skilled, responsive, and grounded. Her Karma Clearing work goes beyond the level of changing beliefs into the realm of knowing. "Knowing" is an embodied experience of your truth.

I wanted to 'GET in my bones' my value and in a recent session really gained a knowing that went beyond any of the extensive personal development work I have done over the past 4 decades. Her mastery is not obvious behind the humble and gentle demeanor, but it's a gift that is truly transformational.

Alyssa DeCaro

Working with Lisa has been absolutely transformative. The culmination of all the tools she's developed has really made a huge impact, not only on my personal life but also how I show up as a yoga teacher and leader in my own offerings.  Lisa delivers a clear and precise understanding of even the most complex aspects of karma and karmic patterns which makes healing possible, all within a profoundly compassionate lens. If you are ready to clear old karmic patterns that keep you stuck in any area of your life, I highly recommend Lisa as your guide.

Did You Know That All Relationships Are Karmic Relationships?

Well, all significant relationships are karmic. That's to say, not only is your relationship with your lover, partner/spouse karmic... so are your relationships with your family members, co-workers, friends, and anyone in your social circle who you interact with on a regular basis. 

The problem is, most of us aren't taught to look at our relationships in the context of karma-- and it turns out that's a big problem. 

Here's why:  Even if you spend years (or even decades) doing 'the work' on yourself in hopes of healing old traumas and wounds so that you can move on and find lasting happiness in partnership, if you fail to clear the karmic patterns that lie underneath those traumas and wounds, you will find yourself getting into the same relationships (different characters) and repeating unhealthy cycles over and over again. 

In order to truly experience lasting fulfillment and harmony in relationship requires you to first, understand your relationship in the context of YOUR KARMA and karmic patterns, and then to clear the karmic patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles.

So, that's why I've decided to create 5-Day Karma Clearing Project. At the end of these 5 days, you'll walk away with new clarity and understanding and a plan for using the knowledge to clear your karma so that you can embrace every relationship as a sacred path of awakening.


Get Lifetime Access To The 5-Day Karma Clearing Project 

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  • 5 Transformational Sessions, delivered online over the course of 5 days that you can watch in your own timing.
  • Lifetime Access The Entire Karma Clearing Project so that you can revisit the sessions when you need them most!
  • Bonus Session #1: The 5 Biggest Myths About Karma with Lisa Engles-Witter
  • LIVE Bonus Session #2: The Grace Process with world-renowned trauma expert Dr. Lori Leyen
  • Bonus Session #3: Using Metaforms Sacred Geometry Technology for Karma Clearing with pioneers and leading experts in Sacred Geometry, Gregory and Gail Hoag

Private Dashboard Experience and Exclusive Bonus Sessions

When you register as a SAGE level member, you'll have access to your very own private dashboard where you'll access the live training PLUS LIVE BONUS SESSIONS where you will get 1:1 coaching and support that the rest of our project members won't have access to. 

Bonus Session #1: The 5 Biggest Myths About Karma 

Join Lisa Witter in this eye-opening bonus session as she exposes some of the most common misnomers about karma flying around on the internet. 

Bonus Session #2: The Grace Process with Dr. Lori Leyden

Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA is an internationally known humanitarian, trauma healing expert, author, visionary, and spiritual guide. In this bonus session she'll be sharing her Grace Process, a scientific and spiritual technology for healing the past and stepping fully into your power.

Bonus Session #3: Using Metaforms Sacred Geometry Technology for Karma Clearing 

Gregory Hoag, scientist and leading expert on Sacred Geometry, along with Gail Hoag, artist, business and health consultant, founded Metaforms over 35 years ago. They are recognized as leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting purpose and clearing electromagnetic interference. In this exclusive bonus session, Gregory and Gail will be sharing how to use  sacred geometry technology for karma clearing.

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Mark Porteous

Lisa's Karma Clearing Process is extremely powerful. I have spent much of my adult life trying to work through some deep patterns that always seem to show up in both my personal and professional relationships. After the first session with Lisa I already felt a profound shift in the way I was showing up for myself and for others in my life. I highly recommend working with Lisa. Her ability to guide with deep compassion and genuine caring is exactly what every person needs on their journey to awakening.

Kim Carpenter

Lisa has an extraordinary passion and gift for helping others awaken to their highest potential. Her Karma Clearing Process has helped me begin healing the life long relationship patterns that have been keeping me from stepping fully into my power. I thought I had worked through so many of these issues already, but it wasn't until I worked with Lisa that I finally began to understand how these patterns need to be addressed on multiple levels including mental, emotional and spiritual. I finally feel more connected to source and truth and my soul.

Lisa Engles-Witter

Lisa is a Psycho-Spiritual Counselor and creator of the Karma Clearing Process™. She is a  kriya yoga initiate (kriyaban) in the linage of Paramahansa Yogananda and uses time-proven principles and practices of Yoga Wisdom Traditions to help her clients break free from karmic patterns so that they can awaken to their True Self and live an extra-ordinary life. 

She has spent the last 20 years working with high performing, spiritually minded women (and men) who have already invested in therapy, coaching, personal and spiritual growth programs but have hit a plateau and can't seem to break through to the next level in their personal and spiritual lives no matter what they try. 

She has been priviledged to work side by side with some of today's leading thinkers and visionaries in spiritual evolution, most notably, the late Barbara Marx Hubbard.