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Yogi, Stop Struggling With Your Meditation Practice!

Enroll in the 5-Day Meditation Project and discover how to focus your mind for inner peace, calm and connection to the Divine every time you sit on your meditation cushion.

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Learn A Simple 3-Step Framework For Your Meditation Practice So That Every Time You Sit On The Cushion You Can:

Focus Your Mind
Find Inner-Peace & Calm
Connect With Divine Wisdom

During The Monkey Mind to Monk Mind 5-Day Meditation Project You Will :

  • Learn a simple yet powerful 3-Step framework that will help you to focus your mind, tap into inner peace and calm and connect with the Divine every time you sit to practice.
  • Discover the 9 stages of meditation so that you can identify where you're at on the path of your spiritual practice and where you're going.
  • Identify obstacles to your meditation practice and learn practical ways to overcome them so that you stay motivated to practice daily.
  • Develop an understanding of the goal of meditation from the perspective of Yoga tradition, so that you have confidence you're doing the right type of practice for you.
  • Learn the differences between meditation, mindfulness, visualization and relaxation so that you find a practice that meets your needs. 
  • Discover the benefits of learning a time-proven meditation practice from a teacher versus picking and choosing from a self-serve buffet of meditations online or in books.  
  • Get guided instruction and meditation practice.
  • Have lifetime access to the project so that you can come back to it whenever you want.
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Hey Yogi, does this sound familiar?

You've been meditating for a while now. You discovered it through your yoga practice, or maybe at a weekend retreat or a friend turned you on to it. You liked it, and decided that it a good thing to do.

But the motivation you initially had has petered out -- and now you've hit a plateau. You struggle with monkey-mind and wonder if you're really even 'meditating' when you're sitting on the cushion.

You want to keep practicing but aren't sure what to do next. After all, there are countless books, meditation apps and YouTube videos on meditation out there. 

If you're wrestling with monkey mind, your meditation practice has stalled or you need some motivation to get back on the cushion...

Then you're invited to enroll in the on-demand Monkey Mind To Monk Mind 5-Day Meditation Project!

As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to the 5-Day Meditation project. Start whenever you want and go at your own pace.


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The Monkey Mind To Monk Mind 5-Day Meditation Project Is Currently Closed For Enrollement

Lisa Engles-Witter

Psycho-spiritual Counselor, CHT, DHP

I help spiritual seekers just like you to harness the ancient wisdom of Yoga tradition so that they can live a freer, fuller life! And as part of my mission, I guide people in establishing and cultivating a meditation practice that produces noticeable results immediately.  I created the Monkey Mind to Monk Mind 5-Day Meditation Project because most of my clients struggle with their meditation practice and just need a little guidance to get them on track. I hope you'll decide to join me and the hundreds of other students who have gone through this program.