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Use The Karmic Warrior Oracle To: 

🔮 Identify and heal karmic patterns that keep you stuck in personal and professional relationships.

🔮 Reclaim your inherent power so that you show up in all situations and circumstances with confidence and courage.

🔮 Gain insight and clarity so that you feel certain you're making decisions that will support your personal and spiritual growth.

🔮 Show you the path to new possibilities that lead to deeper fulfillment and harmony, especially in your closest relationships.

Your oracle comes with a downloadable companion guidebook that will help you to interpret your readings. 

The Companion Guidebook Will:

🔮 Help you to understand how to unlock the Law of Karma to manifest a life of ease, flow, and fulfillment.

🔮 Teach you a 5-card comprehensive spread, a 3-card primary suit spread and a "karma quickie" spread.

🔮 Provide in-depth explanations for each of the 6-suits (Awaken, Liberate, Align, Orientation, Practice and Cakras)

🔮 Give you comprehensive messages for each of the 64 cards.

🔮 Bonus resource links to help you activate and integrate the guidance you receive. 

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Bonus Gift! The Karmic Warrior Oracle Masterclass (value $97)  

The Karmic Warrior Oracle Masterclass will teach you the fundamentals of working with your new oracle. This is a recorded version of a live class where you'll get to see Lisa working with the oracle as well as: 

  •  Learn what the Law of Karma tells us about manifesting a life of freedom and fulfillment.
  • Clear, bless and activate your oracle.
  • Work with your most challenging issue to get clarity, insight, and guidance. 

In addition, Lisa will show you how to use the Karmic Warrior Oracle to:

  • Heal recurring patterns in your life.
  • Put an end to making relationship mistakes.
  • Replace struggle with effortless manifestation.
  • Reclaim your inherent power.
  • And live a life of ease, flow, and fulfillment even in the face of life's biggest challenges. 

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I’m guessing that the word ‘karma’ isn’t a new term for you. And if you’re like most people, your general understanding of karma comes from how it’s used conversationally as in: “Oh, they have bad karma…they must have done something really bad in the past.” Karma is commonly seen as a direct cause and effect relationship between actions and consequences. 

 But karma theory is very, very complex and most people tend to oversimplify it simply because they haven’t spent time studying the ancient scriptures of India to gain deeper insight into how the doctrine of karma actually plays out in life.  The good news is that you don’t have to know all the details, or even spend years studying Yoga Philosophy to understand karma because I’ve already done that for you.  

I became interested in the doctrine of karma several years ago when a confluence of events and circumstances in my life lead me to ask myself, “Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes over and over even though I’ve dedicated my life to my personal and spiritual growth? Why do I seem to always get handed this one lesson, even though I thought I already healed those old wounds?” 

 As a psycho-spiritual counselor and coach who holds professional training in somatic healing, depth hypnosis, Yoga psychology and philosophy, and energy psychology, I never thought that I (of all people), would still be dealing with the issues I was as I entered mid-life. And that’s just my professional training. On the personal side, I’m a dedicated yoga practitioner who meditates and reads scriptures every day… not because I feel like I have to, but because I truly love to. So there I was, someone who had all the credentials and practices in place and I was still struggling to feel content and fulfilled in my life.  

Around the same time, I started to study Paramahansa Yogananda’s commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita, the most popular sacred text of India. And that was my turning point. The Bhagavad Gita provided me with precise answers to my questions about why I always found myself in the same frustrating situations (different cast of characters) throughout my life. Not only that, it gave me the method for freeing myself from those patterns — forever! As it turns out, the Bhagavad Gita is a manual of sorts for understanding the Law of Karma.

However, I still felt that something was missing and in my continued seeking, I discovered the teachings of non-dual Tantra in the book Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis. I became a serious student-practitioner of non-dual tantra, embracing and embodying the practices which opened me to a more esoteric and complex spiritual path that allowed me to explore the nature of karma and suffering in greater depth and provided a framework for breaking free from karmic patterns.

As I applied the principles and practices that I was learning in my studies, I started to experience positive effects: I was connecting to a deep and abiding sense of inner peace despite the daily challenges of my life. I started to trust myself and make important decisions with confidence. I seemed to be more discerning about my interactions with people and the situations I found myself in. I was experiencing an acceleration in my spiritual practices. I was accessing a new level of compassion and understanding for myself and others. And perhaps the most unexpected and fulfilling experience that I’ve had is a reconnection with my father after a lifetime of his absence – which I believe, without having had the practices to clear my karmic patterns would not have been a possibility. 

And it’s through this journey that the Karmic Warrior Oracle was born. I wanted to find a way to share these time-proven principles and practices of Yoga Wisdom in an easy, accessible, and enjoyable manner. I know that most people on the spiritual path aren’t as zealous as I am about studying esoteric texts. The Karmic Warrior Oracle pulls together the essential Yogic teachings on karma and allows you to harness that wisdom in a systematic methodology so that you can break free of karmic patterns and begin creating and living a life of unbounded fulfillment and joy right now.

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