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Elevate Your Spiritual Practice With Non-Dual Tantric Meditation Classes & More! 


Weekly Meditation Classes: 
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30pm- 7:45pm

Enjoy a regular cadence of live meditation sessions in the heart of Sebastopol, tailored for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike:

  • Foundations in Non-Dual Tantric Meditation: Ideal for those starting out or wishing to deepen an existing practice.
  • Explorations in Non-Dual Tantric Meditation: A space to delve into intermediate and advanced practices and gain deeper insights.

Location: Tuesdays at the Methodist Church across the street from Safeway; Thursdays at The Journey Temple. Exact addresses will be emailed to you when you sign up to get details (above).

Suggested donation: $15-20, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds

Tantric Wisdom Circles:
These monthly get-togethers offer enriching dialogue, fresh perspectives, and community connection.

Location: Methodist Church across from Safeway or The Journey Temple; will be announced monthly. 

Suggested donation: $15-20, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.

Quarterly Special Events:
Expect immersive workshops and transformative experiences each quarter, all designed for an embodied and in-depth understanding of Non-Dual Tantra.

Cost of workshops usually ranges between $98 and $298 depending on length of the event.

Serving the North Bay:
Filling a unique niche in the North Bay area for genuine, Non-Dual Tantric practice and teachings. Join a community focused on authentic, transformative growth.

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Are You a Spiritual Seeker Craving Authenticity and Depth? 

If you're yearning for a practice that dives deep into a profound body ancient wisdom and transformative inner work, look no further than Non-Dual Tantric Meditation.


Why Choose Non-Dual Tantric Meditation?

  • Discover who you really are¬†free from thoughts and beliefs so that you no longer feel a nagging sense that you are lacking in any way.
  • Clear karmic patterns¬†stuck in your subtle body so that you can move forward in life with clarity, confidence and courage.
  • Align with Divine will¬†so that you‚Äôre always guided by a deeper source of power and wisdom.
  • Ground yourself in a view of reality that supports your awakening¬†so that you have a map to orient yourself on the journey.

Discover how the time-proven teachings and practices of Non-Dual Tantra can free you from the continual cycles of ups and downs in life (karma) and give you direct access to lasting inner-peace, clarity and connection to what the mystics call your True Nature while uncovering your inherent power and capacity to live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

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Here's What Students Are Saying...

Meet Your Guide: Lisa Witter, DHP

Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Teacher, Creator of The Karmic Warrior Oracle


In an era of spiritual materialism and many proclaiming themselves teachers without the depth or training to back it up, the importance of lineage and authentic teacher-student relationships can't be overstated. For me, integrity and lineage aren’t just buzzwords but foundational pillars in my spiritual journey.

I’ve spent years immersing myself in Yogic and Buddhist traditions, navigating through various paths of spiritual wisdom. My journey deepened two decades ago when I discovered the transformative teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda's self-realization and kriya yoga, eventually becoming an initiate in this revered lineage.

Eventually, a thirst for deeper understanding led me to the nuanced and esoteric world of Non-Dual Tantra. This quest eventually led me to my current teacher Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis, a dedicated scholar-practitioner-teacher who has committed his life to translating and teaching the sacred texts of the Krama-Kaula-Trika lineages of Non-Dual Saiva Tantra (aka Kasmir Saivism). Under his direct guidance, these profound teachings and practices have transformed from intellectual concepts to lived, embodied experiences within me, deeply enriching my work as a psycho-spiritual counselor and meditation teacher.

I currently offer sought-after classes and workshops in Berkeley, where students have attested that there's nothing quite like the experience I offer. I am excited to extend these life-altering teachings and practices to my hometown of Sebastopol and the wider North Bay region.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, rooted in lineage and embodied practice, as we delve into the ancient wisdom of Non-Dual Tantra.

See my full bio HERE. 

Discover The Profound Power of Non-Dual Tantric Practice!

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