Crisis: A Spiritual Perspective with guest Dr. Lori Leyden

Part of the pain and the beauty of life is that we will experience the inevitable times of crisis. We can’t avoid the unavoidable, but we can harness the power of our spiritual practice to navigate our way through personal and collective crises with grace and ease.

In this episode of the Karmic Warrior podcast, I have a conversation with my dear friend, renowned trauma healing expert, and creator of the Grace Process, Dr. Lori Leyden.

Dr. Leyden has worked worldwide to help communities in crisis– from working with genocide survivors in Rwanda to the survivors of school shootings in Sandy Hook, New England, and Parkland, Florida to working with the aboriginal communities of Australia to heal transgenerational trauma. In our conversation, we look at crisis from a spiritual perspective and discuss the different ways we can find our way through personal as well as collective crises while staying centered in our spiritual practice. Enjoy!