Thank you for your interest in exploring 1:1 counseling 

Most of my clients have invested in therapy, counseling, coaching or some form of spiritual growth in the past, but still feel stuck with a lingering sense that there's something more. The tools and techniques that used to work for them are no longer effective. They see themselves repeating the same patterns, even though they've 'done the work' and are ready to break free from unhealthy ways of coping with the circumstances in their life so that they can step into the fullest expression of themselves. 

If this sounds like you, then read on...


What To Expect 

I work with a limited number of private clients who are ready and willing to do the deep spiritual work needed to break free from their karmic patterns. 

Our work begins with a 90-minute intake session where we will identify the primary karmic pattern(s) at play in your life. In the sessions following, we will start the journey of clearing those karmic patterns using the Karma Clearing Process™ and by calling upon the guidance of the Karmic Warrior Oracle. All of our sessions are facilitated virtually on Zoom and are 75 minutes in length. You will always receive recordings of your sessions as well as recommended practices to do between our meetings. 


Your Next Steps

If this sounds good to you, then your next step is to schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call where we'll have the chance to meet each other and determine if working together is a good fit. I'll share a bit more about my spiritual counseling approach and the different packages available to you. You'll also have the opportunity to share a bit about yourself, the challenges you're facing, and what you hope to accomplish in our work together.   


Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call