Which Karmic Pattern Is Blocking Your Path To Joy, Love & Prosperity? 


Awaken to the truth of who YOU really are so that you can live freely, love fully and give generously.


I'm Lisa, a psycho-spiritual counselor, meditation teacher and creator of the Karma Clearing Process™. I help my clients to become karmic warriors so that they can break free from habitual patterns, heal past wounds and create a life of freedom, fulfillment, and joy.

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What if your greatest contribution to humanity was your own awakening?

Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm a psycho-spiritual counselor & coach, meditation teacher and creator of the Karmic Warrior Oracle deck. 

For the past 20 years, I've helped spiritually-minded, high-performing women and men to break free of old patterns and past wounds so that they can live a freer, fuller life and contribute to the flourishing of humankind by awakening to their True Nature.

I believe that the path of awakening requires:

  • ¬†Being able to answer the question: "Who am I?" as a direct experience¬†so that you no longer feel a nagging sense that you're lacking in any way.
  • ¬†Clearing karmic patterns stuck in the subtle body so that you can move forward in life with clarity, courage, and confidence.
  • ¬†Aligning with Divine will so that you are always guided by a deeper source of power and wisdom.
  • ¬†Grounding yourself in a view of reality that supports your awakening so that you have a map to orient yourself to on the journey.

These are the four guiding principles of what I call the Karmic Warrior.

Are You Ready To Become A Karmic Warrior?

My mission is to teach you the time-proven principles and practices of  Non-Dual Tantra that free you from the continual cycles of ups and downs in life (karma) and give you direct access to lasting inner-peace, clarity and connection to what the mystics call your True Nature.

Together we'll navigate the path of awakening. We'll clear the karmic patterns that keep you from moving forward. We'll question the truth of your stories and beliefs about yourself, others and the nature of reality. And day by day you'll uncover your inherent power and capacity to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. 



Introducing: The Karmic Warrior Oracle

The Law of Karma is a doctrine that all Eastern Spiritual Traditions know to be true. However, it's rarely given a (serious) second thought for Western spiritual seekers-- mostly because it's an esoteric doctrine that requires years of study and practice to understand. Until now. 

I created the Karmic Warrior Oracle to make it easy (well, at least not so complicated) to harness the Law of Karma so that you can:

  • Heal recurring patterns in¬†your life.
  • Put an end to relationship mistakes.
  • Replace struggle with effortless manifestation.
  • Reclaim your inherent power.¬†
  • And live a life of ease, flow, and fulfillment even in the face of life's biggest challenges.
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And discover why you keep getting handed that one lesson in life... (even if you've spent years 'doing the work'). This short and easy-to-read e-book gives you a crash course in the Law of Karma, an ancient doctrine that governs all of manifest reality whether you believe in it or not. In less than 20 minutes you'll discover the how karma is created, how to clear your karmic patterns and how to manifest a life  of freedom and fulfillment regardless of the challenges you face. 

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