4 Levels of Intuitive Knowing

how to develop intuition intuition Dec 22, 2021


Did you know that each of us has 4 levels of intuitive knowing that we can cultivate and tap into in order to live a more connected and harmonious life? These 4 levels are considered to be the foundations of our being in yoga tradition and by honing our ability to access them, we're better able to navigate any situation and relate to others with ease.

Yogi's throughout time have valued intuition as the royal road to discernment and wisdom... but this is a view that goes against the Western idea that wisdom is a product of intellectual knowing. To further muddy the waters, in recent years, there's been a trend towards valuing our emotions over our intellect which has led to the popular notion that feelings = truth. 

So, in this video, I not only share what the 4 levels of intuitive knowing are, I also make a critical distinction: the difference between TRUE intuitive knowing and emotional 'knowing' in hopes of bringing some clarity to this very important subject.