Karmic Block to Self Love #2: Self-Expression

karma karmic blocks self awareness self love Feb 23, 2022

To be fully expressed is an act of self-love. Through the expression of your thoughts, desires, fears, insights, hopes, dreams, and reflections you shine the light of awareness on everything that wants to be seen so that it can be healed or so that it can be brought into reality as an expression of the Divine.

The problem is that we get messages from our family, community, and society about how we ‘ought’ to think, speak and act. These messages can make it difficult to let go of the fear of what others will think if we express what’s inside of us.

In this video you'll learn all about the second karmic block to self-love: self-expression. You'll also discover a simple way to express and communicate what's alive in you without the fear of hurting others or thinking that what you have to say doesn't matter.