Mantra Music & The Path of Sacred Sound

Oct 26, 2022

Mantra music, or kirtan is a growing phenomena in the west. Over the past decade, as yoga has become more popular, so too has kirtan. What most people who go to a kirtan gathering or concert will say is that it enlivens you, it lifts you up– and then takes you on a journey inward.

My guest for this podcast is Aleah Gandharvika, a kirtan singer who has traveled the world for over a decade with her partner in the kirtan duo the Love Keys. She’s performed at thousands of events and festivals in over 15 countries – and has toured with other kirtan artists including Shantala, Adam Bauer, and Tina Malia. Aleah is also a vocal coach and facilities Bhakti Yoga immersions. In today's episode, we’re going to take a deep dive into the mystical world of mantra…

Our program begins with a short two-minute performance by Aleah, which, unfortunately, doesn’t have the best sound due to zoom, but I decided to keep it in the podcast because you can still feel the deep beauty of her voice and transmission. Enjoy!