Oracle Reading For Relationships: What do I need to shift?

May 09, 2022


Karmic Warrior Oracle Reading for Week of May 8, 2022

Your oracle reading for the week of May 8th is here! This week we're asking the oracle about our relationship(s) and what we need to shift or release in order to move into new understanding and growth.

This is a general reading, but I'm also offering 1:1 personalized sessions as well. For the month of May 2022, you can get a 1 hour reading for 50% off my normal price. Here's the link to schedule your reading: 

The Karmic Warrior Oracle is designed to help you live a freer, more fulfilling life by harnessing the Law of Karma. Each of the 35 cards in the oracle represents one of four key principles in clearing karmic patterns that keep you stuck, repeating the same lessons in life.

To fully benefit from these readings, you need to understand the Law of Karma (LOA). I highly recommend that you download my free e-book Karma Demystified at .It's a quick read/ crash course in the Law of Karma. You'll learn what the LOK is, how karma is created and how to clear karmic patterns.

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