Permanent Freedom From Thoughts & Emotions

Oct 19, 2022

After doing months, years, or maybe even decades of personal growth work –of investigating your thoughts and beliefs, processing your feelings, healing your traumas and childhood wounds – there comes a time, which will make itself known to you, to move on from the techniques, tools, and strategies you’ve been using… because you sense that you’ve gotten all you can get out of them, and to learn another technique or strategy would be nothing more than another version of the same thing you’ve already done.

So you find yourself at a crossroads. What do you now? Now that you’ve tried everything, you’ve invested time and energy into your healing and personal growth, yet there’s a part of you that still feels bound…. Maybe even held captive by certain thoughts and emotions. Maybe they aren’t as intense as they used to be, but you still have them. Maybe they show up as different forms of the same old thought or emotion that you thought you had already dealt with… until you realize it’s still there.

I would suggest that now is the time to leave behind the techniques, tools, and strategies– which are needed at first, but can only get you so far… and open to the possibility that every thought, every emotion that you’ve ever had or will have is appearing because it wants to be liberated.

I was inspired to create this meditation, which is based on the teachings of Patrul Rinpoche and which I received from my teacher, Hareesh Wallis to whom I am deeply grateful. Enjoy!