The Mystical Teachings Of Kali On Death & Love

Feb 22, 2023

Have you had the experience where time seems to bend and stretch so that a single day or week feels like an eternity? This Winter has been like that for me. As I’ve deepened my spiritual practice of honoring the many forms of Kali, the great goddess who devours all that isn’t real, I’ve come to understand that death is an ultimate act of Her love.

Death is Kali loving herself so much that she can’t resist the insatiable urge to devour herself, savor herself, and digest herself until all that is left is the open emptiness of eternally present bliss. Every death is the ultimate act of Mahakali’s love. 

It’s only through death that we can touch into the supreme preciousness of life and recognize that which has been a living expression of the Divine. It’s only through death that we can sense that which is unborn and undying. It’s only through death that the stage can be set for new life to emerge.

As we approach the end of winter, we have the opportunity to take stock of all that has died and all that is dying, and offer it to Kali allowing her love to consume every last bit of it until nothing remains but still, silent presence. This will provide the fertile ground from which new life springs forth.


Suggested Practice:

Take some time to reflect on what has died or what is dying in your life. Allow yourself to feel any emotions that arise, whether it’s sadness, grief or even relief. Consider what each of these experiences has revealed to you. 

As we move into spring, intuitively feel into new arisings. What does the Divine want to express and experience in you, through you, as you in the coming months?

Allow Kali’s love and transformative power to guide you as you move forward on your spiritual path.