Embracing Lunar Wisdom: Tantric Full Moon Meditation

full moon guided meditation Jul 03, 2023

Immerse yourself in this transformative guided meditation, drawing on the timeless Tantric wisdom teachings of the full moon. Through the lens of non-dual Tantric teachings, we come to appreciate the moon not merely as a celestial body, but as an enduring symbol of divine cycles of revealing and concealing, creation, and completion.

This meditation leads you on an introspective exploration of these spiritual truths. It invites you to sense the ceaseless creative impulse that propels life, echoed in the moon's gravitational dance. Reflect on the often unnoticed growth in your life, mirroring the moon's silent journey from a slender crescent to full-bodied brilliance. Shine the warm light of awareness on the corners of your existence craving recognition, much as the full moon bathes the world in its serene glow.