Guided Meditation: Empower Your Practice With Non-Dual Tantra

Mar 22, 2023

Welcome to this meditation practice, which is based on the view of non-dual Tantra. By aligning our practices with the view, we can start to see through misunderstandings that obscure the true nature of ourselves, others, reality, and the divine.

The view isn't just a theoretical understanding, but a way of seeing and experiencing reality. It's a map that guides us toward a direct experience of the ultimate truth. When we align our practices with the view, we empower our practice to help us realize this truth. I feel deeply blessed to have discovered the view through my teacher, Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis. I highly recommend his book, Tantra Illuminated where you can find the view along with a full and detailed explanation of it.

While I'm not a scholar of non-dual Tantra, I am a serious and dedicated student-practitioner which requires a certain level of (direct) understanding of the teachings. The meditations I offer here on YouTube as well as in my live classes and workshops are informed by my personal studies, practice, and the direct realization I've attained.