Guided Meditation: Love Is A Perception

432 hz guided meditation meditation Aug 23, 2021

Most people think that love is a feeling. In this meditation, you’ll experience that the feeling you call love, is actually a perception. It’s a perception of the True Nature or Essence Nature of another, which is impersonal, and it’s also a perception of the Divine Love Intelligence expressing Itself as diversity or uniqueness in, as and through another, which is personal.

Love is the act of perceiving the Essence Nature, or the Uniqueness, or both in another person. This action gives rise to the feelings of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion and joy-- also known as the 4-immeasurables in Buddhism.

This meditation is accompanied by 432 Hz, heart frequency music to induce a theta brain-wave state and achieve deep calmness and heart healing.

For best results, wear headphones while listening to this meditation. Enjoy!