Guided Meditation: Impermanence & Immortality

Dec 31, 2022

Guided Non-Dual Tantric Meditation: A Deep Exploration of Impermanence and Immortality

You’ve probably heard the saying that “the only thing constant in life is change”... But how often have you really (I mean REALLY) contemplated impermanence?

In certain yogic traditions, especially classical tantra, the practice of meditating on impermanence and death is said to be essential to the project of awakening to our true nature and freeing ourselves from mind-created suffering. In these types of meditations, you come to realize what seems like a paradox to the ordinary mind: and that is.. that not only is death inevitable… but that who you really are will never die.

This meditation was inspired by and is dedicated to the 16 yogini's who taught that we can awaken to our true nature through contemplation and meditation on death and impermanence. I've added a 432 HZ sound bath to assist you in relaxing deeply into this guided meditation. Enjoy!