How Self Improvement Holds You Back From Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening Aug 02, 2023

In our fast-paced world, the pursuit of self-improvement has become very trendy. And while I’ve always believed in the power of personal growth practices as an essential foundation to reaching our fullest potential, what happens when you come up against challenges that require a different approach? What happens when you’re holding a screw and trying to use a hammer to drive it in? Frustration, inefficiency and the risk of damaging both the screw and the surface you’re working on. Similarly, on our journey of spiritual growth, a different approach is needed—one that goes beyond the conventional tools of self-improvement. 

In this video I explore the potential pitfalls that the self-improvement project might inadvertently set in motion, hindering your spiritual awakening. While self-improvement practices lay the groundwork, they are ultimately the wrong tool for the project of self-realization (aka: awakening). 

Discovering the right tools for your journey is key - knowing when it's time to switch from the “hammer” of self-improvement to the “screwdriver” of self-realization can unlock new dimensions of understanding and inner freedom.