How To Tell If You're Spiritually Bypassing

spiritual bypassing Aug 23, 2023

A viewer recently commented on my video, "How Self-Improvement Holds You Back from Spiritual Awakening," expressing a genuine concern that I believe many of us share: 

"I’m concerned that there are aspects of my life that need attention that spirituality alone may not address. I don't want to fool myself into thinking spirituality alone will address these issues if indeed it will not. Thoughts?"

This question resonated deeply with me, inspiring this week's video.

In this video, I dive into:

  • Some of the recognizable signs of spiritual bypassing
  • My secret litmus test to help you discern if you're unintentionally bypassing real issues
  • The invaluable role that qualified counselors, therapists, and coaches play in our spiritual growth

Spiritual bypassing is more subtle, complex and widespread than most people on the spiritual path realize. I invite you to join me in exploring this vital topic. Your journey is unique, and so are the challenges and opportunities it presents. But together, we can navigate the subtleties of spiritual growth without losing our way.