POWERFUL Non-Dual Tantric Waxing Moon Meditation

guided meditation Jul 26, 2023


Within the non-dual tantric tradition, the moon shines as an illuminating symbol, its dynamic phases reflecting the cycle of life and the transformative power intrinsic to our being, imparting profound insights about the fundamental nature of reality.

The waxing moon illuminates the potent tantric teachings of completely embracing and savoring the many experiences life offers. From the most euphoric peaks to our deepest valleys of challenge, and everything in between, the waxing moon gently guides us towards savoring life in its entirety, encouraging us to wholly engage with every moment. The practice of savoring has it’s origins in the Krama Lineage where the practitioner venerates and worships the goddesses of the senses—sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Our defied senses are the doorway into all of life's experiences, allowing us to fully interface with the tapestry of the world around us.

However, the practice's deeper, more esoteric teaching goes beyond the tangible. It guides us to recognize that it's not our external experiences that trigger our joy or displeasure; rather, each life experience is an activation of an inherent and timeless potential within consciousness. Every experience is literally a 'flavor' of consciousness, that wants to be tasted, savored, and digested. In this meditation, you will be introduced to the art of tasting and savoring experiences from your life—one that induces pleasure and another that presents a challenge. As we journey under the soft glow of the waxing moon, we invite you to open your senses, tap into your boundless inner potential, and savor the full spectrum of life.