Guided Tantric Meditation: Discovering What You Are

guided meditation meditation tantric meditation Nov 10, 2021

Tantric Meditation: Discovering What You Are

The Recognition Sutras, written 1000 years ago by tantric master Ksemaraja, tells us that we are each a unique expression of the one universal consciousness that pervades all of Reality.

To truly understand what this means, requires us to move beyond the conceptual mind and intellect, and into a direct, felt experience. In this guided mediation, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that.

You may have an immediate experience of your true nature during this meditation, or you may need to repeat this meditation over a period of time before you begin to experience the results… which is often the case for those of us who have a lot of mental conditioning obscuring our ability to perceive our true nature.

However, with regular practice, this meditation WILL eventually bring you into direct experience of your true nature, and the true nature of reality. Either way, I encourage you to commit to repeating this meditation over the course of several months.

I promise you’ll be glad you did!