Tantric New Moon Meditation (432Hz)

guided meditation Aug 15, 2023

This Tantric New Moon meditation, is inspired by ancient tantric wisdom that offers us a unique perspective, highly relevant to our contemporary lives.

In contemporary spiritual culture, the New Moon—a time when the moon is completely devoid of light—is often seen as a moment of potential transformation, a phase of renewal and new beginnings. It's typically associated with clearing away the old to make room for new intentions and manifestations, a time for setting goals and embracing change.

However, in this meditation, we will take a different, and deeper look at the possibilities that the New Moon provides us. In this meditation we’ll be tapping into the wisdom of the Tantric Goddess Kali- the fierce and relentless force that consumes all but the essential, eternal truth of our existence.

Rather than merely focusing on new beginnings, the New Moon in the context of Kali leads us into a profound contemplation on the true nature of reality as void or empty of all that isn't real. It's an opportunity to see beyond the transient and ephemeral, things that we often become identified and enmeshed with, causing us suffering.

Kali liberates us from this mis-identification and emeshment , allowing us to awaken to our true nature. 

In this contemplative meditation, you’ll explore the 'I' you refer to every day—investigating your understanding of who you think you are. 

Every day we make 'I' statements about our experiences, our beliefs and ideas, our hopes and dreams, and our emotional states. Yet, as you’'ll discover, that 'I', and all the concepts, ideas and feelings you have about that “I”  don’t truly exist. Who you are is void or empty of the concept of 'I’' that you’ve become identified and enmeshed with your entire life.

This exploration of the void isn't theoretical, rather it’s a direct experience that has the potential to lead you into an empowering and immediate realization—one that frees you from the burdens and constraints of being identified with fleeting emotions, rigid beliefs, and the distractions of the world around you. 

In our fast-paced, modern lives, this contemplative meditation offers a powerful antidote to the suffering caused by clinging to the 'I' that is impermanent. 

By aligning with the energies of the New Moon and embracing Kali's transformative wisdom, we are liberated into a freer and fuller experience of being.